Pair Project Demo

Pair Project Demo

Instead of a live demo with an instructor, you’ll be putting together short videos to show off your project!


  • You can use any technology for recording your video, but may want to use QuickTime since its free.
  • Your video must include:
    • An introduction from each team member
    • The purpose of the app (why would someone use this app?)
    • A walk through of how to use it
    • Your tech stack (Ex: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Mocha, Chai and any NPM packages if used)
    • Wins & challenges
    • Any future additions
  • Your video should be between 5 and 10 minutes long and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo when completed
  • Due Date: videos should be sent to PM’s on Wednesday before 3:30 MT for the viewing party

Some Inspiration

NOTE: These videos are from M3 and M4 demo day, your videos will be more minimal.

Optional Viewing Party

On Wednesday afternoon, we’ll watch all the demo videos together!

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