Ideas for Varied Ideabox Practice

Throughout Mod 3 you’ll be building an Ideabox over and over again. An IdeaBox is a very basic application which takes in some user information, and updates the DOM with that information! Wow!

Learning Goals

  • Gain competency with React fundamentals
  • Practice network requests
  • Practice testing with Cypress
    • Intercepting network requests
    • Using fixtures and stubs


In order to get the practice with all of the fundamentals, a thorough ideabox might contain the following features:

  • Functional components
  • React hooks to manage and update state
  • A controlled form or two that allows user to render elements to the page
  • Get and Post network requests (if possible)
  • Cypress tests for general user flows and network requests

Ideas for Varied Ideabox-like Applications

Building the same application over and over isn’t very valuable. Using varied content and different data will help you run into different things along the way and build your actual skill and fluency, rather than just memorizing how to build and rebuild one app. Below are some ideas and apis you can use to make your Ideabox practice more varied and valuable

  • To-do List
  • Bucket List
  • Reading List
  • Future pet names List
  • Magic 8 ball
  • Fortune cookie generator
  • Dad Joke generator
  • Quote of the day
  • Build an old project in React (Overlook, Advent Calendar, Self-Care Center, etc)
  • A pokemon catalog
  • Baby Name list
  • A compliment generator
  • A thesarus app
  • Anything else you might think of!

APIs that allow you to POST

Other APIs you might use (that probably don’t allow POST)

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