Throughout Mod 3 you’ll be building an Ideabox over and over again. An IdeaBox is a very basic application which takes in some user information, and updates the DOM with that information! Wow!

Learning Goals

  • Gain competency with React fundamentals
  • Learn how to test React components & asynchronous JS
  • Practice refactoring
  • Create a multi-page UX using Router


In order to get the practice with all of the fundamentals, a thorough ideabox might contain the following features:

  • Functional and Class components
  • A controlled form or two
  • Routing
  • Some network requests if possible
  • Cypress tests for general user flows and network requests
  • Routing

Ideas 4 Ideaboxes

  • To-do List
  • Bucket List
  • Reading List
  • Future pet names List
  • Magic 8 ball
  • Fortune cookie generator
  • Dad Joke generator
  • Quote of the day
  • Build an old project in React (Overlook, Advent Calendar, Self-Care Center, etc)
  • A pokemon catalog
  • Baby Name list
  • A compliment generator
  • A thesarus app
  • etc, etc
  • Anything else you might think of!

API’s you might use

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