jsFUN Self-Directed Review

In addition to working through any JSFun problems you may not have solved, you’ll be tasked with doing the following:

Write a blog post on one of the three fundamental concepts taught this module. Your blog post can be published anywhere (portfolio site, medium, etc.), but make sure it will be visible to the public. Blog posts should be about 4-5 paragraphs (with code snippets and images where applicable) demonstrating your understanding of the concept and its relevance. This will add to your portfolio for employers when you get to the job hunt phase in Mod 4 and help you “pre-prove” your skills and knowledge. Below are some bullet points to help guide your content for whichever topic you choose.

Prototypes and Data Manipulation:

  • What a prototype is
  • Why we have prototype methods
  • How would you go about figuring out which prototype method would help solve your problem
  • Example use cases


  • Why understanding context is an important part of mastering JavaScript
  • Under what circumstances your context changes
  • The difference between context vs. scope
  • Where does “binding” come in handy when dealing with context issues (not covered in class)


  • What different scopes are available to us and what scopes var, let and const adhere to
  • Description of what hoisting is and how it works
  • Why understanding scope is an important part of mastering JavaScript


A link to your blog post is due to both instructors no later than the Monday of week 6 at 9 AM.

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