Static Comp Challenge


The static comp challenge is a challenge to keep you working that HTML/CSS muscle. :muscle: You’ll choose one static comp and to recreate. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a bit of creative license, however the objective is to build something that respects the integrity of the original design. Once you get into the workforce - building out comps that reflect the designer’s choice in layout, spacing, font, imagery, and color to the smallest detail is a requirement.


We have not provided you with any assets, nor native files. You will have to source assets on your own per the creative license guidelines below.


  • Basic site setup with index.html and styles.css
  • Create a repo on github
  • Push your final work to github pages
  • Submit your repo and GH pages links here

Creative License

You may NOT take liberties with the layout, but your creative license includes:

Option #1


Option #2:


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