Interview Questions

Interview Prep

To commit the answers to these questions to memory, write down your responses in your notebook - do not type them on your computer. After you’re done writing them down, you can type them into your computer if you’d like.

Write down your answers using the correct, precise terminology as if you were talking to an interviewer.


All of these questions were from previous student’s actual interviews.

  • In as much detail as possible, explain how you would localize an application.
  • Tell me two advantages of testing your code.
  • Name three strategies for fixing cross-browser inconsistencies.
  • What are some tools and strategies you use to prevent shipping unstable code to production?
  • What factors influence whether you’ll take a progressive enhancement vs. graceful degradation approach to building an application?
  • Define the term ‘MVC’ and explain how an application is architected when following MVC patterns.
  • What does CORS stand for and what issue does it address?
  • In as much detail as possible, describe the request-response cycle.
  • Tell me 3 new features of CSS3.
  • Can you describe what responsive design is to you and how you would implement it?
  • What’s the difference between display: inline and display: inline-block?
  • What is a pseudo class? What are they used for?
  • Describe z-index and how stacking context is formed.
  • If you have two elements inside of an outer containing element, one with float: left; and the other with float: right, how can you ensure that the containing element expands around the floated elements and does not collapse?
  • Why is it, in general, a good idea to leave the global scope of a website as-is and never touch it?
  • What does event bubbling or event propagation mean?
  • What’s the difference between undefined and null
  • In as much detail as possible, explain how JSON Web Tokens work.
  • What is Ajax?
  • What is "use strict";? What are the advantages and disadvantages to using it?
  • Explain why the following doesn’t work as an IIFE: function foo(){ }();. What needs to be changed to properly make it an IIFE? Why?
  • What are the pros and cons of using Promises instead of callbacks?
  • What is a closure, and how/why would you use one?
  • What advantages does React offer? What about disadvantages?
  • Why is it generally a good idea to position CSS <link>s between <head></head> and JS <script>s just before </body>? Do you know any exceptions?
  • In an HTML file, what does the ‘doctype’ keyword do?
  • Give an example of a self-closing HTML tag.
  • What’s the difference between window.onload and onDocumentReady
  • Give an example of an element that is considered a ‘block-level’ element? An example of an inline element? What’s the difference between block-level and inline elements?
  • What could we use instead of <b> tags for bold and <i> tags for italics to make our HTML more semantic?
  • What is the purpose of article, section, header and footer tags? Please explain with an example and why we should not use divs.
  • What are HTML data attributes?
  • What is the event loop?
  • What are some popular NodeJS Modules?
  • What is the concept of state in React?
  • What is the virtual DOM in React?

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