JS: User Events Playground

Learning Goals

  • Explore Documentation for User Events
  • Get hands-on practice working with User Events
  • Get hands-on practice with manipulating the DOM using:
    • Query Selectors
    • Event Listeners
    • Functions

Warm up

Explore this MDN page for Events

  • What user events did you learn about?
  • Did anything surprise you? Explore this website and this one:
  • How many different types of events can you find?
  • Does your computer seem to get mad (fan turning on, loading slowly, etc)?


We’ll be using this Codepen for our demo and exercise. Take a moment to open it up.

I want to change the color of the box on click, so that it turns green when I click it once, and back to blue when I click it again.

  • What would your pseudocode look like for this process?

When the user clicks the 🔥 button, the image inside of the div should reveal itself.

  • What would your pseudocode look like for this process?


In your small groups, try to accomplish the following tasks, using a forked version of that same CodePen:

  • Add a new button with the following functionality:
    • Change the background color of the body element when your new button is clicked.
  • When the input detects a keyup event, the colored div should grow larger.
  • When the input detects a keydown event the colored div should shrink.
  • When the box is dragged by the user, it should console.log() a message of your choice.
  • When the box detects a mouseover event, it should spin (you can use the spin class in the CSS file).
  • When the 🔥 button is clicked, the text inside of it should change to 💦, and it should change back to 🔥 when clicked again.
  • Your choice: What other events can you use? What other results can you create?

Wrap Up

  • What is the general process for manipulating DOM nodes / HTML elements with JavaScript?
  • Which events seem the most useful? Which seem the most niche?
  • What questions do you still have?

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