Extra Practice

Extra Practice

Below are ways you can get in additional practice throughout the inning. None of these exercises are mandatory, but we find that the more unique problem sets students encounter and complete, the better their coding and problem-solving skills become.

Daily Reps

  • Typing Practice: Improving your typing skills will make you a more efficient coder. Consider spending 15 min a day on building your typing accuracy and speed.
  • Codewars: Focus on pseudocoding level 7 and 8 katas

Test Suites

  • JavaScript Foundations repo
  • Create a new test suite. Start by making a new test file in a test directory and write all of the tests. Then, add in a file in an exercises directory and write the code necessary to pass all of the tests you wrote. Send your new suite to your instructors - We may add it into the official test suite!

Data Types & Functions

Looping & Nested Data


DOM Maniputation, Event Listeners & Event Bubbling

Bracket & Dot Notation


  • Snow Facts
  • Refactor an old project. Look back at one of your projects from last inning. Find the feedback that you received on that project from an instructor. Apply some of the recommended refactor opportunities mentioned in your feedback. Can you use parameters to create a reusable function and DRY up your JavaScript? Can you make your HTML more semantic? Can you organize your CSS in a better way?

Deprecated Projects

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